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Gun Lamps in Merseyside specialise in supplying bespoke decorative gun lamps by upcycling old deactivated shotguns etc and turning them into useful and unique lamps certain to be the focal point of attention in any room. As we do not use plastic or imitation resin guns but only utilise genuine old, obsolete and deactivated weapons we supply, where necessary,  an official proof house deactivation certificate with each lamp.Each lamp has a choice of several bases of quartz, granite or wood and can include a variety of  decorative accessories including dummy and spent cartridges etc.

We're sure to have something for everyone! Our gun lamps  allow you to create your own unique ambience without emptying your savings account. With our prices starting from only £495 for a superb double barrel shotgun floor lamp mounted on a mirror black granite base and complete with matching  official deactivation certificate as required. If you are looking for inspiration or just to create an interesting centre of attraction in your home or a conversation piece in your office contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Maybe you have an old family heirloom or just a family members favourite old gun that has served for many years but is now past its best then why not let us deactivate it and turn it into a useful and decorative memory for the future. We will carry out all the necessary work in order to deactivate the gun in accordance with the latest home office guidelines and submit it to the proof house for official  certification. The gun will then be mounted on one of our granite or quartz bases ready for the customer fit a suitable shade to compliment their own decor  in order to provide you with a unique and memorable conversation peice.

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